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Free Party Wall Advice

Free Party Wall Advice

Free Party Wall Advice to Homeowners in England and Wales

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 exists as a means to protect both the building and adjoining owners, our goal is ensuring that this protection can be applied wherever needed. We want people who work with us aware of their rights under this law so we are happy offer free initial consultation for all schemes.  We then offer our services on a Fixed Price Basis for a low fee which is agreed up front (from as little as £45.00 for service of notice(s) – simply provide details about your proposal by completing the online form on this page or by calling us on 01702 888 805

Party Wall etc. Act 1996 - What's It All About?

The Party Wall etc Act was passed in 1996 and aims to protect people’s property from damage caused by neighbouring buildings.

If you’re planning any work that will affect your neighbour’s wall, fence or garden then this law may come into force; we offer free consultations about whether they need consulting with regard their rights under the act!

The Party Wall Etc Act 1996 covers a lot of ground so if you’re planning any kind or work that will affect your neighbouring properties and they are close by We’ll talk about what it means for free if we can help out with anything at all.  Simply call us on 01702 888 805

Party Wall Notices

We act for both building owners and adjoining owners. We frequently serve notice on behalf of our clients who are proposing to undertake works that may be notified under the Act.  If the neighbours consent to the notices then no further action is needed.  In some cases a neighbour may consent to a notice on the provision that their property is inspected and a schedule of condition report provided prior to commencement of the build.  We can of course provide this service for a nominal fee.

Risk Free Party Wall Surveyor

100% Risk Free - No Upfront Costs You Only Pay Once Your Party Wall Agreement is In Place

Party Wall Awards (Party Wall Agreements)

If your adjoining owner dissents to the notices they may concur in our appointment as an agreed surveyor or they may wish to appoint their own surveyor in accordance with section 10 of the Party Wall Act.

In the instances that we are appointed as an Agreed Surveyor thus both parties mutually agreed to our appointment. We will then draft and serve a Party Wall Award setting out the responsibilities of all parties.

When a dissent has occurred the adjoining owner is required by law to appoint a surveyor in the event that there’s been an disagreement between them and you as well.

In such circumstances we are appointed by building owners in the event of a party wall dispute. We help settle these disputes with an award, which includes preparing detailed schedules to protect both sides’ interests as mentioned above under section 10 of The Act.

Additional Resources

For more free party wall advice, check out our Blog Articles below where we share common tips and tricks as well as useful information on all kinds of building work projects and the implications they may have in accordance with the Party Wall Act.

If you are based in London, Essex, Herts, Kent or Surrey and would like to speak with a Party Wall Surveyor  we have provided links  to our offices below,  or call our main switchboard number 01702 888 805 to get put through to a Party Wall Surveyor Near You!

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Free Party Wall Advice

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