Adding An Extension: Do You Need a Party Wall Agreement? If you’re considering adding an extension to your home, you’ve probably thought about your neighbour. Throughout the whole process, you’ll need to consider them due to construction noise, and most importantly, the Party Wall Agreement. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 must be abided by […]


Can My Neighbour Refuse A Party Wall Agreement? If you’re planning some work that will affect a party or shared wall on your property, it’s essential to be aware of any possible roadblocks which might affect the project. You’ll need a Party Wall Agreement to be able to carry the work out legally, and you’re […]


Can My Neighbour Stop My Extension From Happening? Getting an extension built can be both a hugely exciting and an incredibly daunting task. It’s easy to imagine having the extra space once it’s done, and it’s a lot less appealing thinking about all the work that will go into making it happen. You might be […]


Can My Neighbour Stop My Loft Conversion From Happening? Loft conversions and housework are enough of a hassle and headache themselves that any conflict with neighbours can worsen it immensely. Knowing exactly what your rights and responsibilities are before work starts is your best protection against conflict. Most of the time, your neighbours won’t be […]

Converting Your Loft

Converting Your Loft: Do You Need A Party Wall Agreement? When planning a loft conversion, it can be extremely exciting. But there’s one major issue that you’ll most probably encounter if you live in an urban area like London. If you haven’t guessed already, that’s a party wall. Because of this, if you suit the […]

What Happens In A Party Wall Dispute

What Happens In A Party Wall Dispute

What Happens In A Party Wall Dispute? If you are reading this Article then it is reasonable to assume that you are either already involved in a Party Wall Dispute, or there is a strong possibility that you will soon be entering into one. In either case, it is important to have a good understanding […]

Neighbour Is Ignoring My Party Wall Notices

Neighbour Is Ignoring My Party Wall Notice

My Neighbour Is Ignoring My Party Wall Notice:What Should You Do When Your Neighbour Ignores The Party Wall Act? The Party Wall Act 1996 was put in place to make sure that disputes regarding shared walls between neighbouring owners can be resolved in a straightforward and simple way. Legally, any business or individual that is […]

Party Wall Notice Templates

Party Wall Notice Template

Party Wall Template Notices If you want to create a party wall notice to give to a neighbour, then you need to make sure that it includes certain things. The party wall notice is an official document which informs the neighbour that you intend to make alterations to a wall which is shared by the […]

How To Serve A Party Wall Notice

How To Serve A Party Wall Notice

How To Serve A Party Wall Notice One of the big benefits of owning your own property is that you can freely make alterations to it as you wish. Yes, you may have to consult with your local authority for certain modifications if they fall within the criteria for doing so, but generally speaking there […]

How Much Does A Party Wall Agreement Cost?

How Much Does A Party Wall Agreement Cost?

How Much Does a Party Wall Agreement Cost? When it comes to making adjustments and alterations to your home, if you have a shared wall with another building, this is known as the party wall. To help settle disputes between property owners regarding any notifiable building works being carried out near to or upon the […]