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Well You Don’t Need To Be….

We offer FIXED FEE Party Wall Services for homeowners looking to extend their homes

  • Party Wall Notices Served – £25 Per Neighbour
  • Full Awards From Just £495.00 INCLUSIVE

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What Does This Price Include?

Draft and Serve Notices

Professional and bespoke notice(s) served on each affected neighbour(s) via first class post.

Land Registry Searches

Carry out Land Registry searches to verify your neighbour(s) identity and address and write to letting agents if required

Add Explanatory Note

We will inspect any Architectural drawings you may have and add explanatory notes to the letter accompanying the notice advising of the works taking place.

Provide Documents

Initial letter and acknowledgement forms to support notices will be issued to adjoining owners together with a polite and courteous covering letter.

Provide Follow Up 10 Day Notices (If Required)

Should your adjoining owners fail to respond to the initial notices we wil send 10 day follow up notices urging a response as per the direction of the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996

Party Wall Surveyor Costs...

So I guess your wondering why there such a gulf in the range of Party Wall Surveyors Costs today.

Well the reasons for this can be varied.  The main one being location of offices, overheads etc as basic economics dictate that when a Party Wall Surveyors costs go up then the prices they charge their clients has to increase accordingly so that they can remain in profit.

We keep our overheads to a minimum, our offices are nice (feel free to drop in a meet us in person) but certainly not lavish and therefore our clients are rewarded with very reasonable Party Wall Surveyor Costs.

Another reason is that some Party Wall Surveyors (The majority in fact) charge by the hour. 

The average party wall surveyor in London will charge between £100-£200 per hour of their time.

Its not difficult therefore to see how some homeowners party wall surveyors costs can spiral through the roof.

At Fixed Price Party Wall Ltd, as our name suggests we agree a fee with our clients up front and that fee remains fixed until a Party Wall agreement is in place.

This fixed price guarantee means that your Party Wall Surveyor Costs will not change regardless of how complex the Award may be. 

The Map below Shows Our Latest Clients That Have Been Rewarded With Low Party Wall Surveyor Costs Due To Our Fixed Price Guarantee - Why Not Join Them TODAY!