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Are you looking for an experienced professional party wall surveyor in Essex? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Working from our modest offices in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex We are able to provide fixed price party wall services to homeowners, property developers and construction professionals throughout the South East Essex regions.

 Furthermore our fees are set at extremely competative rates and as our name implies, all of our services are FIXED PRICE with the prices you see on our website being the prices you pay with 100% NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.

Party Wall Notices In Essex

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

If you are looking to carry out building works to your home that are notifiable under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 then you will need to serve notices on any affected neighbours.


For section 1 notices (line of junction) or section 6 notices (adjacent excavations) which are the most commonly served notices for domestic extension projects these need to be served at least 1 month before work is due to commence.


For section 2 (party structure notices) which are more commonplace in loft conversion projects or chimney removals these must be served at least 2 months prior to commencement of works.

Schedule Of Condition Inspection & Reports In Essex

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

We can carry out affordable property inspections and schedule of condition reports throughout Essex from our base in Leigh on Sea.  In order to ensure your building work stays on track we can normally attend site within 2 working days and have the schedule of condition written up and made available within 5 working days of our appointment.

Act As Building Owners Party Wall Surveyor in Essex

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

Upon instruction we are able to work as the building owners surveyor.  The building owner is the person looking to carry out the building works to their home.

As the building owners surveyor our role will be to inspect your drawings and advice on which works are notifiable and to whom.

Once we have ascertained which of your neighbours are notifiable we will draft and issue notices upon them.

If after 14 days they have not responded we will serve a further 10 day letter and ensure the Party Wall Act is followed and your building work is not delayed or obstructed whether intentionally or not by any of your neighbours. 

Act As Adjoining Owners Party Wall Surveyor In Essex

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

Upon instruction we are able to work as the adjoining owners surveyor.  As an adjoining owner it is your neighbour who is looking to carry out the building works in close proximety to your home.

My first role as an adjoining owner surveyor would be to talk through the notices you have recieved and discuss your options and what implications each may have on your property.

Once we have discussed your options we will respond to the notices on your behalf and ensure the party wall act is followed correctly and that your property is safeguarded at all times.

In all normal circumstances it is the building owner who will be required to pay the fees of the adjoining owners surveyor provided they are deemed to be fair and reasonable, which of course ours always are.

The role of an adjoining owners surveyor is normally provided on an hourly rate plus disbustments, and with the average party wall surveyors hourly rate being between £90 and £150 per hour it is not difficult to see how costs can spiral out of control very quickly.

As our name suggests, ALL of our Party Wall Surveying Fees are carried out on a FIXED FEE BASIS.

Furthermore our costs are kept low, certainly amongst the lowest found anywhere in Essex

Act As The Agreed Party Wall Surveyor in Essex

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

Upon instruction we are able to work as an agreed surveyor.  As an agreed surveyor we must act impartial for both the building owner and the adjoining owner.

Of all the roles it is the role of agreed surveyor that I find myself most often appointed as.

The reason for this, is that in most circumstances there is no dispute involved and there are no neighbours attempting to block or delay a project from commencing.  

Instead one or more of the adjoining owners simply wants a schedule of condition report of their property and an agreement in place ensure that if the worst was to happen, then the building owner will be legally obliged to ensure any damage is put right.

As the role of an agreed surveyor takes up less time that when two seperate surveyors are used, there is an obvious cost benefit for the building owner and therefore we find the majority of adjoining owners cuncurr in the appointment of us as an agreed surveyor as it offers them all the benefits and protection offered to them by Party Wall Act without adding significant additional cost burdens on their neighbours.   

Your Local Ethical Party Wall Surveyors

"Party Wall Surveying Just Better.."

We are an ethical party wall surveying service who put ethics before profits.  This means you will NEVER hear about us through one of your neighbours due to us sending out unsolicited ambulance chasing letters through to them using information obtained from the local authority planning lists.

Instead, all of our work is obtained either through word of mouth and recommendations or via this website.

Whenever sending notices, or speaking with your adjoining owners we will NEVER push for a dissent.  The role of a party wall surveyor is to resolve disputes, not create them – We are incredibly concious of our role in your project and will always offer informative truthful advice to building owners, adjoining owners or contractors carrying out the works.

If you are looking for a fair and honest team of party wall surveyors then fill out our instant quote form and recieve a FIXED PRICE quotation to provide party wall surveying services for your Essex based project. 


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Our service is regularly carried out in properties owned by the following local authorities:

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Rochford Council

Castlepoint Council

Basildon Council

Thurrock Council

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