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Party Wall Surveyor Surrey

Are you looking for an experienced professional party wall surveyor in Surrey? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Working from our modest offices close to the M25 Motorway we are able to provide fixed price party wall services to homeowners, property developers and construction professionals throughout the South East region.

Furthermore our fees are extremely competative  and as our name implies, all of our services are provided on a guaranteed FIXED PRICE basis.

This simply means the prices you see right here on our website are the prices you pay with 100% NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.


Party Wall Services Surrey

Below we detail the how the process works and the services we provide throughout the Surrey region

We are able to carry out all tasks in accordance with the Party Wall et. Act 1996.  These tasks include carrying out assesment of your Architect plans and offering advice on which neighbours require service of notice and under which sections of the act that those notices need to be served.

We offer other services in accordance with the act such as property inspections and schedule of condition reports, full party wall serveyor services either as a building owners surveyor, adjoining owners surveyor or as an agreed surveyor.

Party Wall Notices

All Party Wall Notices Are Prepared And Served VIA ROYAL MAIL First Class Post By One Of Our Experienced Party Wall Surveyors

The serving of Party Wall notices is the first very first step of the whole party wall process.

If you are looking to carry out building works to your home that are notifiable under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 then you will need to serve notices on any affected neighbours.


For section 1 notices (line of junction) or section 6 notices (adjacent excavations) which are the most commonly served notices for domestic extension projects these need to be served at least 1 month before work is due to commence.


For section 2 (party structure notices) which are more commonplace in loft conversion projects or chimney removals these must be served at least 2 months prior to commencement of works.

 We can assess your plans, carry out the land registry searches and issue party wall notices on any affected adjoining owners.

If your neighbours consent to the works then you will have absolutely nothing to pay in Party Wall Fees !

Your neighbours will have additional options available to them so please continue reading this page to see what these additional options are and what implications they will have on your party wall fees.

As our name suggests, our fees are provided on a fixed price basis therefore they are set in stone, you will never be asked to pay a penny more.


party wall surveyor in essex

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey
The Fixed Price Party Wall Co. Ltd

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey
The Fixed Price Party Wall Co. Ltd

What Happens Once My Neighbour Receives My Party Wall Notices?

When your neighbour recieves your party wall notice(s) they will have four options available to them.  The first option of course is to simply consent to the works.

In cases where your neighbour consents to your notices there is nothing else that you need to do, and your building works can commence immediately.

There are three other options available to them and we will go through these one by one in the next few paragraphs.

Schedule Of Condition Inspection & Reports

Your Neighbour May Consent To The Works Subject To A Schedule Of Condition Report Being Carried Out To The Relevant Parts Of Their Property

We will carry out an inspection of your neighbours property and therafter produce a photographic and written schedule of condition report providing an accurate account of your neighbours property prior to commencement of your building works.

We are mindful of keeping your project on track therefore we can attend properties throughout Essex in as little as two days from instruction and can have the report produced and emailed to you and your neighbour the very next working day !

Hard copies are posted out via Royal Mail First Class Post.

If your neighbour chooses this option then our fee for this would be £395.00 INC

Act As Building Owners Party Wall Surveyor

Your Neighbour May Dissent To The Works And Appoint Their Own Surveyor

Your neighbour can dissent to the works and choose to appoint their own surveyor.

It goes without saying that we cannot be responsible for setting the pricing of the adjoining owners however we are expected to ensure that the fees are kept reasonable which we will of course do by requesting statements to accompany any fees quoted.

One thing we are 100% responsible for however is ensuring that your surveyor fees as the building owner are kept as low as possible.

For this fee your case would be assigned to Kev Miller our senior party wall surveyor and CEO who will ensure that all matters are resolved quickly and at reasonable cost due to his knowledge and understanding of the construction industry having spent 25 years working as an architect, surveyor and party wall surveyor.

Our fees To Act As The Building Owners Surveyor Are Just £495.00 INC

Party Wall Surveyor

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey
The Fixed Price Party Wall Co. Ltd

Party Wall Specialists In Essex

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey
The Fixed Price Party Wall Co. Ltd

Act As The Agreed Party Wall Surveyor

Your Neighbour May Dissent To The Works But Concur In The Appointment Of An Agreed Surveyor

If your neighbour chooses this option then we will act as the agreed surveyor ensuring that the Act is adhered to in full and that both owners rights and properties are protected equally.

As the rols of an agreed surveyor generally takes up less time than when two seperate surveyors are used there is an obvious cost benefit for the building owner and therefore we find the majority of adjoining neighbours are willing to concur in our appointment as an agreed surveyor.

This allows building owners to keep their costs minimal whilst making the overal process faster.

If your Neighbour Requests This Option Then Our Fees Would Be £645.00 INC

Party Wall Specialist Essex

Your Essex Based Party Wall Surveyors

We are proud to have achieved what we have to date at the Fixed Price Party Wall Co. Limited.

Our aim has always been to provide homeowners looking to carry out building works to their homes with a fairly priced way of navigating the Party Wall process and getting everything put into place with their neighbours as quickly and affordibly as possible.

We hate nasty surprises just as much as you do, therefore we offer our services at a very affordable upfront FIXED PRICE bases, so you can budget accordingly.

And yes it is 100% true – The prices shown on our website are guaranteed to be the prices you will pay, no hidden extras, no small print, and completely hassle free.

Why not get in touch today by completing our quick online form or calling 0800 464 7131 and speaking to a member of our team.

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