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You Deserve The Most Thorough Party Wall Survey Of Your Home !

Have you been served with a Party Wall Notice by a neighbour who is looking to carry out building operations at their home that fall under the Party Wall ect. Act 1996?

If so, then you can request a  survey of your property prior to commencement of the works – this can be as a stand alone service or part of a Party Wall Agreement.

Our surveyor will record a written and photographic schedule of the condition of all the parts of your home that could be affected by the works.

This report provides peace of mind not only for yourself but also your neighbour who is carrying out  the building operations as it protects them from any fruadulant claims for damage.

In all normal circumstances the cost of the party wall survey is payable by the person who is carrying out the building operations and not the adjoining owner.

Professionally Captured Images of Your Home - Not a Smartphone in Sight!

It amazes us how many times we have turned up to carry out a schedule of condition inspection and have meet with the neighbours Party Wall Surveyor who is armed with no more than their smart phone.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for using your smartphone to take photos and some modern phones do take nice looking pictures – however when you are inspecting someones home we beleive that certain standards should be met and the quality of the images should be paramount.

This is why all of our Party Wall Surveyors use professional DSLR Cameras with 24mp resolution to ensure even the smallest hairline crack can be documented and recorded.

360 degree home survey

360 Degree Internal Room Photography Included

Each room surveyed recieves a 360 degree panoramic capture as well as a catalogue of high resolution photographs.

The 360 degree panorama captures the entire room in that very moment in time and provides unique and indesputable evidence as to the condition of the walls, ceiling and floor on the day of your survey.    

Our Party Wall Surveyors are Fully Licenced & Insured Drone Operators

It’s all good a well taking photographs of all the easiliy accessable areas of your home.  But what about the areas of your home that are not easily accessable?

Our Party Wall Surveyors are fully licenced and insured drone operators.  If your neighbour is proposing to convert their loft or carry out other building operations that have potential to affect your roof then our surveyor will take high resolution images of your roof prior to works commencing on site.

Once the building work has been completed our surveyor will come to your home oncemore and conduct a second drone inspection of your roof to ensure that no tiles were damaged or broken while the contractors were standing and working on your part of the roof.

Beware Of The Hidden Damages

Whilst carrying out our follow up drone inspection we noticed a roof tile had been damaged during the course of the building works next door.

One possible cause is that the contractor stepped on the tile and broke it, hoever it was simply laid back in place and it is only a matter of time before the tile slips out of position completely.

The tile could of been simply replaced while the contractor was on site and the scaffolding was up but for whatever reason they decided to ignore the damaged they had caused to the neighbours roof.

Without our follow up inspection the homeowner would of been none the wiser of the damage caused to their roof and eventually when the roof inevitably started to leak would of been forced to pay for a roof repair that was caused by the negligence of the building contractor.


Party Wall Survey Photograph Drone

The Fixed Price Party Wall Company

Surveying The Areas Of Your Property That Other Surveyors Cannot Reach !

Property Inspection and Schedule Of Condition Reports From £395.00

(Based on a Single Visit to Site)

If you are proposing to carry out building works that are notifiable under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and your neighbour has advised that they would like an inspection to be carried out on their property before you commence with the building works then we can be of tremendous benefit.

Our inspections and schedule of condition surveys start from just £395.00 based on a single visit prior to commencement of the building works.

Alternatively we can provide a service based on two inspections, one prior to commencement of the building works and a second inspection once the works have been completed.

We Also Offer a Premium Service Which Includes Two Inspections, One Prior to The Build And Another Immediately After Completion of The Works For Just £750.00

This premium service includes full aerial drone survey of inaccessable areas of your home before works start and again once the building work has been completed to guarantee complete peace of mind.

Party Wall Notice Neighbours
schedule of conditions cost

Not You Carrying Out The Building Works?

Don’t forget, if its not you carrying out the building operations to your home then in all normal circumstances the cost of the Party Wall Survey is covered by the person who is carrying out the building works.

We will contact your neighbour advising them of our appointment and will provide them with a low fixed price fee for providing our services.

We are among the lowest priced Party Wall Surveyors in England therefore you can rest assured that your neighbour will benefit from our very competative pricing model.

Party Wall Surveys - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fixed Price Party Wall Surveyors offer a fully independent and impartial service.  

Our Party Wall Surveyors can help you with any issues you may have regarding your property.  

Our Surveyors cover the whole of London, including Central, North, South, East, and West.

When properties share a Party Wall, a Party Wall Surveyor is called upon to assist with the preparation and administration of a Party Wall Award or Agreement, under the Party Wall Act of 1996.  

Acting on behalf of the Building Owner or the Adjacent Owner, our Surveyors will assess the nature of the Party Wall and its position in relation to both individual properties and are able to provide impartial advice for either party regarding proposed structural changes or repairs.  

Our surveyors carry a wealth of knowledge and experience of Party Wall matters and are on hand to assist you in any way that we can.

If you or your neighbor are building an extension, converting the loft, remodeling the interior, or constructing a new outbuilding, the work could fall under the provisions of The Party Wall Act etc. of 1996.   

Things like the Party Wall, etc. It’s a pretty big piece of legislation in England and Wales.

This is designed to prevent construction-related disputes between neighbours before construction begins and provides a legal framework for resolving disputes over party walls.  

In general, the Act covers three types of ‘notifiable’ work that fall under sections 1, 3 and 6 of the Party Wall Act.

Our Party Wall Surveyors can help if you’re planning any of the following:

  • Building a wall at the boundary between two properties.  
  • Cutting into the party wall (for instance to insert a steel beam).
  • Cutting away from the party wall – for example a chimney breast.
  • Demolishing and rebuilding a Party Wall or a Party Fence Wall.
  • Building a new wall on  or astride the boundary.
  • Excavating within 3m of your neighbours  building (includes garages and outbuildings  as well as main house).

In most cases, the person proposing to do the building work (referred to as the building owner) will pay for all reasonable costs associated with preparing the award.

Including adjoining owner’s surveyor’s fees if the work is only for the Building Owner’s benefit.

So it is in your interests as the person looking to carry out the notifiable building works to ensure the Party Wall Act is followed and that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

A party wall surveyor is a key part of resolving disputes between neighbors under the Act.

Party wall surveyors have a duty to the Act rather than to the individuals appointing them and they solve matters in dispute in a sensible as well as reasonable method.

The surveyors  will  ensure that the correct notices have been served.

The surveyor will also attend the home of the adjoining owner and carry out an inspection of the property and produce a written and photographic schedule of conditions report.

The surveyor(s) will then prepare and serve a party wall agreement or Party Wall Award on all affected parties in accordance with the Party Wall Act.

According to a survey carried out by Check a Trade link here

The average cost of getting a party wall award is around £1,000.00  in England and Wales.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have found Fixed Price Party Wall then you will benfit from our very reasonable fixed price party wall surveying costs which  start from just £495.00

This is around half the costs of the everage Party Wall Surveyors costs up and down the land.  Whats more  our prices are Fixed, and our fees are provided up front and in a transparent manner making  us one of the most ethical Party Wall firms operating in the England.

You can get a fixed price quote from us  either by completing a contact form or by calling us on 01702 888 805.

What’s a party wall award and how much does it cost?

Clients usually ask us when they’re finishing jobs, how much it ought to cost for a party wall award, and if one is really required. 

The simple answer is that if you’re doing work on a shared wall, you have to give your neighbour notice. Furthermore, you need to give notice if excavations are within 3m of a neighbouring property and you’re likely to go deeper into the ground.

So, to be clear, a party wall is a shared wall between two neighbors, plus a garden wall (not a fence) that makes up a boundary. This means that loft conversions, new foundations (for rear extensions) usually need to be notified.

You may be required to pay for problems with your neighbour’s property if you don’t serve valid notices.
The service of party wall notices
Two months notice is required for any work on a party wall itself (party structure), or one month notice for excavations. 
A Party Wall notice, and indeed the whole Party Wall process is completely seperate to Planning and Building Control.
Your neighbour will then have 14 days to return the acknowledgement form attached to the notice together with their chosen response. 
Your neighbour can either consent to the notice, consent to the notice subject to a schedule of condition being carried out to their home.
Alternatively they may dissent to the notice.  If they do choose to dissent to the notice they also have the option to agree to our appointment as the Agreed Surveyor or they are entitled to appoint their own surveyor.

Drafting of the Party Wall Award

If a neighbour dissents, or indeed does not react within 14 days, the homeowner and neighbour can select a single party wall surveyor to represent both of them (an Agreed Surveyor) or they may prefer to each appoint their own surveyors (Two Surveyors). 

The appointed party wall surveyor(s) will produce a Party Wall Award which will also include a written and photographic schedule of condition report. 
Breakdown Of Costs:
Service of notices = £35.00 Per Neighbour
Once your neighbour has been served with the notice(s) they have 4 options available to them.  We have listed these options below along with the likely cost implications of each.
1. If your Neighbour consents then there are no more fees payable.
2. If your neighbour consents subject to a schedule of condition then our fee for carrying out the inpection and producing the schedule of condition report would be £395.00 per neighbour
3.  If your neighbour dissents and concurs in our appointment as an agreed surveyor then our fee to act as an Agreed Surveyor would be £645.00 for yourself and one neighbour.
4. If your neighbour dissents and chooses to appoint their own surveyor then our fee to act as your surveyor would be £495.00
You would also be expected to pay your neighbour surveyors fee.  For obvious reasons we cannot be responsible for other firms pricing and therefore as an indicative figure you should expect to pay between £750.00 and £2000.00 + VAT
The party wall surveyors’ costs differ a lot and this is largely because of what neighbours choose to acknowledge when they fill out the acknowledgement forms attached to your party wall notices.


Following service of the Party Wall Award the building owner (the person carrying out the building operations) will then have 12 months in which to start the building works.

A party wall notifice is the written intent that you should give any Adjoining neighbours to inform them of building works that you intend on undertaking to a common party wall, boundary, or neighboring excavation.

There are three types of Party Wall Notice you may need to serve before starting any extensions or conversion or building works to your home, under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Depending on the work being done to your property or to the Party Wall, there are statutory notice periods that you must adhere to prior to commencing work and these periods are stated on each different notice type.

Notice Of Adjacent Excavation

If you are digging within 3 metres of your neighbour’s property and to a greater depth than their foundations, or if you are installing piled foundations within 6 metres of a neighbour’s property then you are required to serve an adjacent excavations notice on any affected neighbours in accordance with section 6 of the Party Wall etc. Act.  A section 6 notice  must be served no later than 1 month prior to commencement of the excavations.

Line Of Junction Notice

If you are looking to construct a new wall upto or astride the boundary then you  are obliged to serve a line of junction notice on your neighbour in accordance  with  Section 1 of the Act.   A Section 1 notice must be served no later than 1 month prior to commencement of the building operations.

Party Structure Notice 

If you are looking to carry out works to the Party Wall itself such as cutting into the party wall for the insertion of Steel Beams or  Weatherproofing such as  lead flashings then  you must serve a Party Structure Notice on your adjoining owner(s)  in  accordance  with Section 2 of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

A very important thing to note is that  notices served in accordance with Section 2 of the Party Wall Act need  to be served no less than 2  months prior to carrying out the proposed works.



A Party Wall Notice must be served on your neighbors to give them suitable notice of the works you intend to carry out either to the party wall directly (2 months written notice) or adjacent to the party wall (1 months written notice).  

Please read our paragraph above What is a Party Wall Notice  for more indepth information on notice periods for notices served under each section of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. 

There is nothing preventing you from serving a party wall notice yourself.

However we would always recommend that you have your notices produced and served professionally as any indescrepancies found in your notices further down the line could  take up additional party wall surveyors time to remedy.

With the average hour cost of a party wall surveyor being £150.00 even a minor discrepancy could far outweigh the modest outlay of £35.00 to have the notices served professionally. 

A party wall is a wall separating and common to two buildings or properties: each owner has a partial right in its use.

This can include party fence walls (garden walls) but excludes fences.

The Act covers three main types of work:.  

Construction along the boundary of two properties. Other notifiable works include cutting through walls separating terraced houses to insert beams for a loft conversion, excavating within 3 metres of a neighbour’s home for foundations, and building a flank wall for an extension.  

You may be entitled to compensation if you suffer a quantifiable loss due to works covered by the Party Wall Act (for example, if you run a business and people can’t get into your premises).  

Your neighbor must still follow normal health and safety laws as well as environmental protection laws, like keeping noise and vibrations to a minimum and working on time.  

Do I have to let my neighbor’s contractors on my property? Party Wall Act requires you to give your neighbour access to your land if they can’t complete their construction work any other way and they provide you with the necessary notice (usually 14 days except in the case of an emergency)

The access must be ‘necessary,’ so if there’s another way your neighbour can do the work, even if it’s a little more expensive, they should do it.  

Before any construction work begins, appointed surveyors can prepare a schedule of conditions pointing out the parts of the adjoining property that are at risk.

If damage results from the work, a schedule of condition will protect both parties from unfair or misleading claims.

Documents like this offer proof of the property’s condition before work begins, so any damage can be easily ascertained and put right.  

The surveyors will also prepare a party wall award to specify how work will be done. The award will cover working hours, access and safeguards to reduce the risk of damage.  

Is it possible to start building before the Award is finalised? No – or at least not the parts that are notifiable under the Act.

It can be tempting to start working before the award has been signed and served, but it would be unlawful.  

If everything is good, the surveyor(s) check off the Schedule of Conditions and close the file.

If damage is noted, the adjoining owner can have the building owner’s contractor do the repair or get a payment in lieu and use their own contractor.  

Fixed Price Party Wall has a team of experienced party wall surveyors, assistant surveyors, and party wall administrators to make sure everything runs smoothly.  

From our London office we cover the whole of the inner M25 area, so if you’re planning to undertake work that falls under the Act, or if you’ve received a notice of planned work that might affect your property, you’re welcome to contact us for some advice.

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